Siblings serenade Grape Street Pub

By Nina Scimenes
April 14, 2005

Shane Evans

Lively new music was performed at the CD release party of Jenn Stang and Emmit Stang. Talent runs in the family of these two young aspiring artists. The Grape Street Philadelphia in Manayunk hosted the night with an open bar, hors d’ouvres and a comfortable atmosphere. The crowd was very enthusiastic for the performance to begin, since the audience was witnessing the music of both artists for the first time.

The CDs released were prerecorded live performances at the Grape Street Pub in Philadelphia. Two nights in December, the siblings took stage with a mission in mind. The music was taken to the studio and edited to create two CDs and two DVDs.

Jenn Stang was first to perform with her younger brother, Emmit, 17, backing her up on the guitar. Jenn is only 20 years old, but one would never know her youth because of her mature voice and large tonal range of sounds.

“She sounds great. Her music is a cross between Tori Amos and Fleetwood Mac,” said a fan in attendance.

Jenn includes a lot of influences from past experiences. Her family has lived in South America, Europe and Canada. Her music has a lot of soul in it and is pleasant to listen to.

Emmit Stang was second to take the stage at the Grape Street Philadelphia and rocked the place. Compared to his sister’s music, it would fall in the category of a more rock genre. He has been in love with music since childhood and plans to pursue a professional career that will take him places. His fingers move so gracefully on the strings of the guitar and he makes it look easy.

Aside from their last name, Jenn and Emmit also share the same bass player. His talent helps bring their music to life. A bass player can either make or break a band. His music was the backbone to both performances.

This significant night marks the first time for both to have a CD out to the public. The work that they have put into this night has reflected their seriousness about their music. No better arrangements could have been made with the Grape Street Philadelphia.

Outside of the stage area there was an arrangement of tables that were full of promotional giveaways from local establishments such as Lucky Brand Jeans of Manayunk. Everyone in attendance was fortunate to walk away with a free copy of two CDs: “Jenn Stang” and “Stang.”

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Nina Scimenes

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