Shopper’s paradise?

By Staff Writer
February 12, 2009

Let’s face it. You see it everywhere you go now, “buy one get two 50 percent off,” or even more popular, “blowout sale! Going out of business!”

Thanks to the economy, many businesses are being forced to close stores around the country, leaving prices slashed in half. But as people are seeing these amazing deals at stores, is this the time to get deals?

Think about it. When business is bad, stores are forced to close.When stores are closed, people are laid off. When people are laid off, there is no income. When there is no income, how do you support your family or go out and buy items just because they are “on sale?”

Is it worth it to buy things now because they are having good deals thanks to the economy when everyone is being hit with a financial burden or to wait until the economy is back in order and people are able to get jobs again and stores go back to their regular prices?

In perspective, I think the severity of the economy and what it is doing to not just people but families of four or more is that we should work on putting a hold on careless shopping sprees and only indulge with buying the necessities that are offering the good deals.

Like the many businesses that are closing, Circuit City is going out of business but only offering 10 percent off. The question of the matter is, is it worth getting 10 percent off spending the $2,000 on a big flat screen or should you buy the new printer your child needs for school? Definitely go for the printer at this time to go for the necessity, rather than watching your favorite show in High Definition.

Thanks to the economy, stores are offering good deals because of the decrease in shopping due to the lack of income people are receiving from the employers.

Basically, companies are selling items for almost nothing and even besides stores, the economy is affecting other areas too such as the housing market. The economy is so bad that people can now afford to buy a house that used to sell for $500,000 for $350,000-400,000?if they were saving their money properly.

Right now times are hard, money is tight and graduating college will not be helping matters trying to find a job as people are losing jobs everyday. Salaries are being cut in half and people need to worry about paying their rent and food than going out to buy a new outfit. And for some, the economic crisis has hit so hard that people are even becoming homeless.

On the other hand, when people don’t spend, the economy won’t get started again. We need something to help stimulate the economy so people will get their jobs back.

It is a delicate cycle where there has to be a demand for goods to stimulate the economy so factories can produce items and stores are able to sell them. When factories produce items, it opens up opportunities for people to get jobs so with that being said, we need to be able to balance buying and selling to restart the economy.

Although the deals are good?and tempting at times?people need to make the responsible decision in seeing what is necessary and what is not and what can be paid off with what they are being given regarding their income.

Staff Writer

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