SGA sets budgets for student organizations

By Justin Hallman
February 19, 2004

For the past month, SGA has been viewing budget proposals made by various campus wide organizations for the 2004 spring semester at Cabrini. The Student Organization Funding Committee handles all on-campus budget proposals and hearings, and works under the Student Government Association.

The 2003-04 budget was $19,893 to be distributed among 33 student organizations throughout both semesters. Next year’s decisions are still to be made, but SGA has moved to help students organization’s on campus by requesting a 59 percent increase in budget from the President’s Budget Committee. The increase would result in a total of $31,683 for the upcoming school year.

“Before the fall semester of 2002, the school never had a formal, consistent, funding process,” Director of Student Activities Jason Bozzone said.

The new formal allows organizations to request specific amounts of funding it puts “financial and fiscal” responsibility on the shoulders of student leaders.

“The old way wasn’t fair,” Bozzone said. “By doing this, it provides a type of leadership development.”

The Office of Student Activities’ official Student Organization and Athletic Club manual states the funding guidelines for registered student organizations.

“All funding for registered student organizations and athletic clubs will be granted by the Office of Student Activities, in consultation with the Student Government Association. Decisions will be based on the merits of the proposal submitted by the organization/athletic club,” as said in the manual.

The SGA Budget Committee accepts funding proposals from registered student organizations and athletic clubs for programs and events that are open to the entire student body. SGA will determine the timelines for budget requests, hearings, and approval dates.

The SGA Budget Committee recommends to the Director of Student Activities the amount to be allocated to each organization’s budget. The final allocation will be approved by the Director of Student Activities.

Once SGA allocates funds to student organizations/athletic clubs that fall under SGA funding requirements, the SGA Treasurer will submit a budget transfer form to the student organization’s/athletic club’s specified account. The SGA Treasurer, in collaboration with the SGA Vice President of Activities, will monitor how student organizations/athletic clubs utilize the allocated SGA funds.”

For more information regarding the SGA budget, contact the SGA office at:

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Justin Hallman

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