SGA seeks more school spirit

By Shannon King
September 12, 2002

If there is one thing that the Student Government Association would like to change this year, it would be the amount of school and community spirit exhibited on campus by the students, faculty and staff. The new president of SGA, Bernadette Hazel, is working on ways to build community relationships and form a sense of togetherness on campus.

“The focus of this year is to get as many clubs, associations, organizations and class boards involved in what SGA does as possible,” Hazel said. SGA cares about what is going on and would like to become more involved with everything on campus. New ideas and new programs are always welcome from anyone who has anything to contribute.

One of the things SGA has in the works right now is a Midnight Madness/ Homecoming weekend. Midnight Madness is always a big thing on campus and this year community spirit is key. “This year we are going to invite alumni and get as many clubs and organizations involved as possible. There are always a lot of home games on that particular weekend and alumni are always interested in coming out and supporting the teams so we figured this would be a great way to boost community spirit,” Hazel said. If all goes as planned, Midnight Madness will be held on Oct. 25 and Homecoming will be Oct. 26.

Hazel said, ” The main goal that everyone is striving for right now is Cavalier Spirit. We need to work better with the class boards and all the clubs to give them as much support as possible. Everyone should know that they always have a voice in the SGA office.”

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Shannon King

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