Sexual assaults on campuses

By Brianna Morrell
September 17, 2014

When sexual assault happens on a campus it is an unfortunate event for the victim and the college. For Emma Sulkowicz, a visual art major at Columbia University in New York it is just the same. Sulkowicz was raped along with two other women the same night, andSulkowicz was raped in her own dorm bed.

Today, she is working on a senior project at Columbia University in New York where she will be carrying her mattress wherever she goes each day until she does not go to the same school as the offender. She says that the duration of her carrying her mattress can vary to a day or until she graduates in 2015. Emma Sulkowicz carries her mattress to represent the weight holding her down after she was sexually assaulted. She has started a movement where people have also been carrying mattresses to “carry the weight” of being sexually assaulted.

Sulkowicz says that the mattress is not too heavy to carry around and function in her daily life activities, but it is heavy enough to prove a point and get a message across about sexual assault. When dealing with sexual assault in a university like Emma, each university and college has different ways and procedures on handling the situation. Cabrini has their own set of procedures in place so that justice for the victim is reached.

If a victim wishes to report a crime of sexual assault on campus they have many places to go to start and just looking in the back of the bathroom doors can give students this information. A victim can reach out to public safety or residence life to report asexual assault if and when they feel comfortable in doing so, but in cases where they need emergency help they can contact the police by calling 911. Dean of Students George Stroud tells us that, “Cabrini College takes the issue of sexual violence very seriously and seeks to foster and maintain a community of mutual respect and concern for all of its members.”

Stroud also stated that Cabrini has revised the policy on Sexual Misconduct and Harassment and that 170 faculty and administrators around Delaware county attended “The Policy Institute” seminar that Cabrini College hosted. When a sexual assault happens on Cabrini’s campus and is reported to Residence Life, actions are taken such as a hearing for both the victim and alleged offender to come to a conclusion.


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Brianna Morrell

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