Sex sold on eBay

By Samantha Bokoski
March 5, 2009

Yes, virginity is up for sale, with 10,000 bids a young California College graduate netted $3.7 million. The money will pay her and her sisters way through graduate school.

The media’s big question was, is this legal? The answer is yes. The woman lives in Nevada, where prostitution is legal.

This topic may seem a little out of the ordinary, however, the FBI, local police and United States attorney do not care, and according to them she is not breaking any state laws.

Certain religious legal groups are speaking out against this act because they do not think it is right of Nevada to represent themselves in this manner. The religious groups may not like it but the place she is doing it is legal and they have no say.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the brothel that is behind this woman full throttle, is going to host where the act takes place.

I think that this woman has every right to sell her body, but is it something I would do? Absolutely not; my parents would kill me.

From a legal view, I believe there is nothing wrong with her selling her virginity, but from an ethical point of view I would not think this is the way she dreamed of losing that “v-card.”

The idea of selling your virginity online puts yourself up for a lot of risks. My current events class brought up the scare of STDs.

The scare of STDs, or is the highest bidder going to be an old man? These are factors that would scare me out of ever doing anything like this, but I am sure she has thought of these risks. I hate the fact that it has come down to this, and that this is the only way.

Along with the religious legal groups, I am sure women’s rights groups are furious at this act she is committing. It does make me angry that women are still looked at as just a sexual figure, but this is the way she decided to portray herself.

The fact that this 22- year-old girl is selling her virginity to pay for school expenses makes the issue a little easier to accept. Sex is something that should be intimate, not a purchase off eBay. As the saying goes, “Sex always sells.”

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Samantha Bokoski

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