Serial Returners

By Elyssa McFadden
February 17, 2005

Often times store employees run into a conflict when shoppers go to return clothes. It isn’t a problem when the tags are still on and the article of clothing is clearly unworn but what happens when the clothes have been returned after the costumer has worn them?

People who do this frequently are known as serial returners. Everyone knows people who have done this, and some have even done it themselves, but what are the benefits of being a serial returner?

“They do it cause they had terrible service or are not satisfied with the quality of the product…or they are scamming some company which is fine because big businesses can take the loss, anyone who disagrees is in costumer service and shouldn’t have an opinion…its like asking a cop if marijuana should be legal,” Cabrini student, Sean Tinney, said.

People who do this don’t realize that they are not fooling anyone. “That happens all the time, especially with people between the ages of 22-25. Unfortunately, we have a policy that states that we have to take back the item no matter what, says an employee at Rampage. We see it happening on average of twice a week, and even more during the holiday season.”

Another employee from Pacific Sunwear states,” Most people wear the clothes what seems to be more than once before returning it. Girls are more likely to do this who are between the ages of 15 and 20. The policy is that the costumers are always right so we have to take back everything. If they don’t have a receipt they can’t get a refund and they have to exchange for something else, that way we don’t lose money in case they stole it, but most of the time the clothes are decent enough to re-sell.”

Like Rampage and Pacific Sunwear, Nordstrom will also let costumers return items with or without the receipt, no matter how old it is. However, Forever 21 will not accept returns with or without the receipt.

Although there are many people who do this and think there is nothing wrong with it, there are others who strongly disagree. Corinne Covino, senior, said, “I’m totally against dishonesty. I feel that doing this is stealing and committing a crime.”

Buying and returning things within the next few days is happening more and more. It happens a few times a week in a variety of stores and employees are well aware that this is occurring. For those of you who are into buying and returning, don’t think that you are getting one past the employee.

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Elyssa McFadden

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