Senses Fail deluxe album proves to be ‘very catchy’

By Matt Donato
November 18, 2005

Brandon Edwards

On Nov. 1, Senses Fail released a deluxe edition of their 2004 release “Let It Enfold You,” which gives their fans two extra songs (“Institutionalized” and “American Death”) and acoustic versions of “Lady in a Blue Dress,” “Buried a Lie” and “Rum is For Drinking, Not for Burning.” There is also a bonus DVD, which includes three live performances and two music videos.

“Let it Enfold You” is a very catchy album. It starts off very heavy and stays that way throughout. Their guitar riffs are impressive, and they keep your ears pleased for the 60 minutes that the CD runs. The bass work is somewhat drowned out by the drums, but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment.

Lead singer Buddy Nielsen is interested in religion and poetry, and it can be heard in his lyrics. Nielsen’s lyrics hit all sorts of topics, such as teen angst, religion and death. The band name comes from Hinduism and that is related through the rest of his lyrics. The lyrics are fairly good for the most part.

I noted that the lyrics were fairly good because there are a few songs where the lyrics are just absurd. On “Buried a Lie,” Nielsen sings about a past lover’s mysterious death. In the song, he takes it upon himself to uncover the truth, so he digs up her body and, without a doctorate, performs an autopsy on the young girl, which is just ridiculous. And on “You’re Cute When You Scream,” Nielsen sings about pushing his most recent heartbreak off the top of the tallest building he could find and taking pleasure in seeing her hit the pavement. The songs, even though they contain some of the worst lyrics I have ever encountered, are extremely catchy, and this is where the band succeeds.

The bonus DVD gives fans three live performances from the Taste of Chaos tour. In the songs “Bloody Romance,” “You’re Cute When You Scream” and “Irony of Dying on Your Birthday,” the band goes nuts and delivers three extraordinary performances. Nielsen is the highlight of the band, as he flails around kicking, screaming and swinging his mic like a mad man. Plus the two music videos, “Buried a Lie” and “Rum is For Drinking, Not for Burning” are an added extra for the buyer, since you probably won’t see much of them on MTV.

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Matt Donato

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