Senior year and still learning

By Geri Lynn Utter
November 29, 2001

I remember when I was in high school, my mom told me to cherish it because my high school years “would be the best years of my life.” So, when I graduated high school, I recalled my mom’s words and never imagined my four years at Cabrini would be able to top “the best years of my life.”

It felt like only yesterday when I was dragging an overstuffed trash bag up to the third floor of Woodcrest. Who would have thought four years of college would pass in the blink of an eye? It’s funny. As a freshman, I was so eager to complete my four years of college and become a member of the “real” world.

I wanted that nine to five job more than anything. After all, that was why I went to college in the first place, to earn a degree and begin a promising career. I didn’t want to struggle and scrape for money for the rest of my life; so I figured pursuing my education would guarantee my future success.

I completed my first year of college with that frame of mind. Sophomore year came and went as well.

I was determined to be a success and decided what better way to be a part of the “real” world than to take an internship position my sophomore year.

I was ahead of the game, right? Wrong. The internship did paid well and I was gaining applicable experience in order to build my resume and prepare myself for that nine to five job I always wanted… but the internship came and went just like sophomore year did.

I continued to work, work, work and began to forget about myself. I could not understand how people took their education so lightly.

Did they not realize that college was designed to prepare them for the “real” world, not help them beat the new Tony Hawk game by Play Station?

Junior year arrived.

I walked into that year with my eyes wide shut also. I continued to work two jobs and carry a full class load. I couldn’t grasp the idea that everyone was sitting back, acting as if these four years would never end.

One day it hit me. I’ve been working so hard throughout the majority of my college career that I forgot to stop and look around me. I asked myself, “Why am I in such a hurry to graduate and experience the working world, when I have never given myself the opportunity to experience college life?”

For every freshmen, sophomore, junior and even first semester seniors, enjoy your time here because before you know it, you will be struggling to put the final touches on your resume

I kept up with my studies and began to enjoy being a college student my junior year and it wasn’t bad at all. I met a lot of people and formed new friendships.

I am now approaching the final semester of my college career. I can almost hear that nine to five job calling me and I want nothing more then to put it on hold just one more semester. But that is not realistic. I am comfortable here. I know all my professors and I am surrounded by my friends. Cabrini is my bubble and I don’t want to burst it.

However, I know when May comes, I will receive that diploma I worked so hard for and close this chapter of my life, while beginning a new one. Looking back on it all, I can honestly say, “these have been the best years of my life.”

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Geri Lynn Utter

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