Senior Week is near

By Eny Martins
April 21, 2023

Soon-to-be graduates taking a selfie at Commencement Kickoff. Photo from Cabrini Flickr.
Soon-to-be graduates taking a selfie at Commencement Kickoff. Photo from Cabrini Flickr.

The class of 2023 is getting closer and closer to commencement, and Cabrini’s CAP Board plans to send them off in traditional fashion, hosting multiple activities in honor of the senior class’ final days as students. 

Before graduation ceremonies on May 21, this year’s “Senior Week” will take place from May 15-19, both on and off campus. Each activity will bring its own unique twist, giving the seniors a few special bonding occasions.  

Detailing the week

The festivities kick off on Monday, May 15 with a Truck Fest and capdecorating event in Grace Hall.  

Food Truck at the Kickoff in 2022. Photo from Cabrini Flickr.

“We will have food and game trucks, plus supplies for seniors to decorate their caps with,” said Raina Johnson, assistant director for Student Engagement and advisor of CAP Board.  

May 16 will bring seniors two events: senior photos and “Painting with a Twist.”  

“On Tuesday morning from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Cabrini’s own Emily Rowan will be available to take fun graduation photos of the seniors,” said Johnson. “At 3 p.m. in Grace Hall, we are bringing Painting with a Twist to campus, and everything will be provided for the seniors.” 

On May 17, the CAP Board hosts a day trip to Baltimore and will also provide seniors with a list of things to do in the city. Attractions such as museums, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium, and a variety of nightlife are only a few activities seniors might enjoy while on the trip. 

May 18 brings the class of 2023 another trip, this one taking them to Vino Bambino for a wine blending experience. “The seniors in attendance will have a wine tasting and can create their own blend of wine that will be made and available for them after nine months,” said Johnson. “The seniors from the class of 2022 should be getting their bottles soon.” 

Senior Week will commence with the senior sendoff that takes place on May 19, and it will be hosted by the Alumni Office.  

From a senior’s eyes

Senior marketing major John Ameyaw has high hopes for these events as he wants to enjoy his final days with his peers as much as he can. 

“Some of the people I call good friends to this day, I’ve known since freshman year, and to be able to share these moments together one more time on this campus will be an emotional yet fun experience,” said Ameyaw. 

Even for students who didn’t stay on campus often throughout their four years, these events can be a time to get involved with their classmates. Senior business major Angela O’Brien also gets to relish in these final moments on campus as she hasn’t been to the majority of the events from the CAP board. 

Graduating class of 2022, School of Arts and Sciences. Photo from Cabrini Flickr.

 “I’ve never been one to really stay on campus during the weekends and I never got involved in clubs or anything like that, but I can’t pretend like I never walked past the buildings on campus and wondered how different students are coming together to participate in certain activities,” she said.  

“It only feels right that I now come together with my fellow classmates in the class of 2023 to partake in as much of these events as I possibly can, and to just have fun and live in the moment during my final week in college.”  

Not only are these events an opportunity to engage in activities that aren’t always present on campus, but it’s a time where seniors can embrace each other’s presence during the final week and can celebrate the college journey—and its many unexpected turns–they completed together. 

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I spend my time doing things I love, such as hanging out with my favorite people, going out and trying new foods, meeting new people, traveling, and hanging out around nature. I am passionate about music, art and animals.

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