Seasonal shape up encourages fitness

By Michael Sitiriche
April 1, 2004

Cecelia Francisco

The weather’s starting to get better and the clothes are starting to come off. Girl’s in their halter-tops, tube tops, and belly shirts, while the guys are starting to get out their white tees and uptowns / air force ones. But before all this can happen people are running toward the gym and starting diets to shed the pounds before summer hits.

If you want your own personal trainer we have them right here for you at Cabrini, They can set up a workout just for you or give you tips on healthy eating.

If you really want the body of your dreams, determination is the key. If the gym isn’t your thing there are alternatives, studies show that 20 minutes a day of physical activities such as running, jumping, or even walking is a good way to start things off, don’t be ashamed to be a beginner. An easy way to start this off is when driving to a designated location as in the mall or the store try to park as far away as possible to the place. At the mall, park at the farthest part and walk that distance to the store. At the end of the day it all adds up.

If you need that extra boost, a multi-vitamin is the way to go. If you plan on some hardcore working out in the sun definitely protect your skin. Sun block should be applied everywhere the sun can hit. Dehydration is not something you really want to happen.

Healthy eating is a key tool in getting in shape. Fruits, vegetables, grains are good for you. Try to avoid sweets and processed foods.

Another thing that is essential is time just for you. This is the time where you get to relax and just unwind. Read a book, do some studying, learn something new. Work out all of the bodies muscles can’t forget the brain.

For all you guys looking for those abs of steal. Try crunches when you wake up. Start off with a low amount and before you know it you’ll be crunching out a 100 in a day.

In case you don’t know May is “National Fitness Month,” so why don’t you take advantage of what Cabrini has to offer in the Dixon Center. If you need a trainer to help you out don’t be afraid to ask.

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Michael Sitiriche

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