Search: ‘First step in long journey’

By Jana Fagotti
October 17, 2002

The Search Retreat is only the “first step to a whole journey,” senior Search leader for the upcoming retreat. “It’s not a secret. Ask and we’ll tell you what we do,” Laura Cover, junior Search leader, said. This three-day retreat serves as a chance to get to know yourself and others.

Search is a peer-run retreat program where students who have previously experienced the search retreat guide newcomers on their journey for self-understanding and renewal of sorts. “The ultimate goal of the retreat is to get to know yourself, get to know others and ultimately, God,” Jess Morgan, director of Campus Ministry and Service, said. “There is an opening prayer and activities in large and small groups are held.”

The Search Retreat is based on the experiences of Cabrini college students. “What makes it different from a high school retreat is that it’s optional. It’s about finding friendships and making fellowships with other students,” Morgan said.

Despite popular opinion Search is not a silent reflective retreat, but there are times of silence. Search is not a time of devotional prayer, but there is time for prayer. It is a combination of listening, discussion, activities and action.

“It’s fun,” Cover said. Cover went on Search as a sophomore with a few of her friends. Not only did she enjoy herself, but also made a best friend who just asked Cover to be in her bridal party. “You realize that you are not alone, and there are others who are feeling the same things,” Cover said.

Pirrone, who also attended Search with Cover, said “I went three years without going and I had not intended to go at all, but I gave in.”

As a senior, Pirrone will attend this year’s only Search Retreat as a leader. “It helped me realize that you can’t run away from anything. By going this time, I am not only helping others but reminding myself that I cannot run from reality,” Pirone said.

Morgan said, “What do you want to search for? Whatever you put forth, you get out.” Cover and Pirrone agree that Search “changes your perspective through constant growth, everyday.”

Susan Landolf, junior and psychology/sociology major, attended Search as a freshman. “It totally opened everything up for me.” As a commuter, Landolf found the need to make new friends that would not make her feel like an outsider as a commuter. “It gave me a different perspective and helped me to be a different person by developing goals for myself.”

The college Search retreat will take place Nov. 8-10, 2002 at Appel Farms in Elmer, NJ. The bus leaves the campus at 4:30 p.m. Friday and returns Sunday at 6 p.m. “Applications are due in the Campus Ministry office by Friday, Oct. 18.,” Cover said. “Don’t wait to hand in the application if you want to go. There are only a limited number of spots.”

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Jana Fagotti

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