Scholarships not so hard to come by

By Katie Engell
October 16, 2008

Shannon Keough

The cost of school these days can be ridiculous, especially private schools such as Cabrini. The cost of tuition, housing, food and books will either leave your bank account suffering or leave you with the responsibility of paying off a hefty loan when your four years are completed.

Most schools can get more money than necessary from their students. Unless you’re born into wealth, paying for a good education can be a bit of a stretch.

Scholarships are a popular way to reward a student with extra cash for college.

They’re advertised throughout high school, college and even throughout random e-mails that tell you numerous times you’re eligible for some cash.

Essentially, money is being thrown at you if you’re willing to catch it. Whether you worked hard throughout high school, played a sport well or simply got involved, money is constantly available for students to utilize. Realistically though, how many students actually follow through with this?

In my opinion, most students aren’t aware of the amount of money they can receive in scholarships. Although scholarships are advertised to an extent, the majority of students don’t earn as much money as they could.

Instead, many students resort to loans from banks or the government which ultimately puts them in an even tighter financial situation than they already are in paying for private school.Taking out multiple loans is pointless when so many opportunities for scholarships are available.

Not only is this proven to be pointless but it also hurts the economy and only adds to the crisis were in today.

Web sites such as give away weekly scholarships worth a thousand dollars. They give away scholarships every day, all year long and it’s not difficult to qualify for a scholarship. There are numerous Web sites similar to FastWeb. You just have to know how to find them.

The schools that charge an arm and a leg should dedicate one day to raise the awareness of the money that’s available; a day where students can simply stop, learn and sign up for scholarships.

Not only will this help raise awareness for the student body but it will also save students thousands of dollars that they could still have today.

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Katie Engell

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