Saying diversity is important is not enough

By Loquitur Editorial Board
November 15, 2022

Protest for racial justice. Photo by Alisdare Hickson from CreativeCommons.
Protest for racial justice. Photo by Alisdare Hickson from CreativeCommons.

As affirmative action sits on the Supreme Court’s chopping block, it is more important than ever to advocate for diversity on all university and college campuses. The loss of affirmative action will cause schools around the nation to eliminate the need for race to be considered when it comes to the admissions process. 

The universities of Michigan and California have already been forced to stop using affirmative action for admissions. The anti-affirmative action organization Students for Fair Admissions brought lawsuits against Harvard University, claiming it discriminates against Asian Americans, and the University of North Carolina, claiming it gives admissions boosts to underserved racial minorities. These are the cases the Supreme Court is currently considering. 

College gives people the opportunity to broaden their horizons and experience different opinions than those they grew up with. Being surrounded by people from different races, ethnicities, and backgrounds helps students understand the experience of people who are different from them. 

Diversity on campus is also very important because it helps to educate students on loving each other and not dividing them. As students graduate and enter their careers, they will go into environments filled with a melting pot of different cultures and experiences.

Having a racially diverse experience in school is proven to improve our cognitive skills. We are living in a more diverse society than generations before, and learning in a diverse environment helps younger people when they reach adulthood and seek employment. Not only is diversity necessary for inclusion but it is essential for promoting innovation and creativity in a work environment. A study from University of Massachusetts Amherst, showed that racial diversity led to innovation which increased financial performances in banks.

Diversity may be uncomfortable for many people, but it can also enhance creativity, problem-solving skills, and positively influence them by showing that differences are a good thing.

Cabrini University is known as an inclusive school with a social justice mission, though it has a predominantly white student body. Cabrini does a decent job at acknowledging this statistic and supports an environment where all cultures can be celebrated.  

Student-run clubs in place right now are the African and Caribbean Student Association, the Black Student Union, the Jewish Student Union, and the Muslim Student Association. These clubs are the first step in the right direction to expose different cultures to all students, and anyone may join who is more interested in learning about another culture or religion.   

Cabrini requires diversity training for all administration and faculty, as well as mandatory diversity training for individuals on search committees for new hires. This ensures the university’s diversity mission is carried through to all aspects of the student experience.

Even though Cabrini integrates diversity into campus life, there is still room for improvement. 

The undergraduate admissions office is trying to diversify Cabrini’s campus, but how will this decision impact their planned efforts? Cabrini is a predominantly white institution, and is trying to remove that label, but solving this problem is easier said than done. Universities, companies, and social groups talk about diversity, yet a lot of times these are just words.

We need action, and it remains to be seen, as Cabrini has an African American population of just 19.4 percent. BIPOC students of color feel underrepresented on Cabrini’s campus by those in positions of power and have taken notice.

An increase in events can benefit the Cabrini students who are willing to expand their knowledge of diversity and hear personal experiences from those invited to speak to the community. One event that attracted students and faculty and offered a necessary and meaningful speech was the 2022 Celebration of Urban Education Symposium

Have more diversity-focused events that can benefit the entire community. When Cornel West came to campus the entire community enjoyed his presence and it brought everyone together. Events like these will show why diversity is important and let people know that success is granted to everyone no matter the color of your skin, who you worship, and more.

Having more equal-opportunity events on campus so that students of all races and ethnic backgrounds feel represented will put us a step in the right direction. 


The Editorial Team

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Loquitur Editorial Board

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