Say hello to green taxis

By Erin Nollen
March 19, 2009

Hybrid cars are getting more popular as the days go by. People are no longer buying the big SUV because of the insane gas prices.

With the economy being as bad as it is, people are looking to save money anyway they can.

Going green is something that everyone should be doing or at least working towards. There are many ways you can go green; you can buy locally-grown produce, fill your bottle with filtered tap water and use alternative energy like wind power.

When I think of going green, hybrids are one of the first things I think of. Millions of people drive everyday and that can’t be good for our environment.

Sure, one solution is carpooling but what about taxi cabs? Should they be going green? Cabs are a popular way of transportation especially in big cities. Should cabs follow the trend of going green and try to make it work? Or will cabs always stay the way they have been forever?

Personally, I am all for it. I don’t really see a down side in that. The way I look at it is that cabs are very popular and if they go green then maybe they will start the trend in other ways of transportation going green as well.

I read on the Web site that according to the Cleantech Venture Network, North America’s nearly 200,000 taxis drive about 10 times more than regular passenger cars. Switching to hybrids will save cab drivers an average $1,200 to $1,500 per month on fuel. Cleantech has launched an initiative to convert taxis to hybrids, which could save $50 billion in fuel costs over a decade.

If you have been in San Francisco recently, you might have seen a green cab driving buy you. It’s not just a hybrid taxi but it’s also an actual green- colored taxi.

In 2007, a company was founded by eight veteran cab drivers that were tired of getting low gas mileage in their company cab cards. When they decided to give this a try, they found they get around 40-plus miles to the gallon.

Even though this company is only made up of eight people, it might spread like wild flowers. Other companies might see what they are doing for their pockets but also for the environment.

Pretty soon you might look out your window in New York City and see a green cab driving by you. I mean let’s be honest some people’s priorities are not too straight, some people see going green as a fashion statement and the latest trend, which is fine as long as people are doing it.

If green-colored cabs are going to be the new popular thing, that’s fine as long as we are helping the environment.

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Erin Nollen

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