Run to get in shape, run to be in shape, just run for your health

By Catharine Hernson
April 25, 2002

Katie Reing

Summer is coming up fast and it is time to start exercising all over again. This is the time of year that students get out of school, and to lose the extra insulation from a long winter cooped up in a dorm room, start running, the cheapest and easiest way to get in shape. To get started all that is needed is a pair of sneakers and a lot of will power.

Running has been the most popular way to exercise for nearly 25 years, though not entirely easy, starting a running program can lead to a happier life.

It is recommended by doctors that before starting any exercise program a doctor should be consulted.

Runners and non-runners can start new programs for the summer, depending on what your goal is. There are many different programs for different physical needs, athletes trying to keep in competitive shape have different needs than a non-athlete trying to lose a couple of extra pounds.

Know your limits and start slow, there is no reason to over-exert yourself and get hurt the first time out.

Some students and athletes have already started their own running programs that have worked to get in shape for whatever reason. Field hockey player Sarah Righter, sophomore, runs to stay fit for the fall season all summer.

Though the team does not have a required program Righter generally runs at least a mile every day.

Adding sprints to her distance running helps Righter keep in shape for field hockey, a sport that requires both endurance and quick bursts of speed.

“I like to run in the morning, if I can get up, or at night. Not in the middle of the day because it’s hot,” Righter said. It is recommended that all runners follow this pattern as running at midday can lead to heat related injuries and illnesses.

Another recommendation from professional trainers is that mixing different running styles during the week will help keep from fatigue, boredom and work different muscles.

Mixing paces during a workout along with an occasional longer distance run, will push you to greater exert yourself, and will get you in better shape physically and mentally.

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Catharine Hernson

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