Roots and Shoots: a global organization grows at Cabrini, sprouts changes

By Staff Writer
November 11, 2005

The typical college student uses a printer everyday. When the print cartridge runs out, chances are it will get thrown out in the trash. This same student will then throw out used note paper and empty glass bottles. This college student does not realize it, but these actions are like throwing away money. One group on campus is trying to get everyone to be aware of this and hopefully make a difference by creating change.

Roots & Shoots is a global organization that was created by famous scientist Jane Goodall in 1991. Goodall is most famous for her study of primates, which happens to be the logo for her Roots & Shoots organization. Her main goal behind creating this foundation was to inspire today’s youths to make a difference in their communities and become involved in their environment. She wanted all children to be able to have some way of giving back to nature because she realized through her own studies how important nature is to everyone.

The Roots & Shoots Organization was started here on campus last year by the Education professor Dr. Rumpp. Dr. Rumpp recognized the need to instill in children a love of the environment as well. Using one of her science classes as a springboard for membership, she formed this school’s chapter of Roots & Shoots last fall to create awareness for environmental issues on and off campus. One of the first ventures the group decided to embark-on was to pursue recycling. They saw the need for recycling on our campus and wanted to see changes take place. This program was started last year, but will be more heavily pursued this year. Boxes will be located all around campus to drop off old ink cartridges. Once cartridges are dropped off, the Roots & Shoots members will package them and send them out to the recycling center. In return for their actions, the centers will provide some monetary reimbursement to the group, which will go directly to their other pursuits on campus.

Students can find these drop-off boxes everywhere around campus, including the dorms, houses, the Library, Jazzman’s Cafe and even the offices in Grace Hall. Business personnel are encouraged to drop off their cartridges as well, especially since they usually deal with larger laser print cartridges which will produce more money for the group. Old cell phones are also accepted and recycled too. With the holidays quickly approaching, chances are there may be a few phones that will no longer be of service to some students, but that could be recycled for more of this club’s environmental activities.

The group will also set up unmistakable blue recycling bins in Jazzman’s Caf

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