Roller hockey sponsors a dance for all students

By Staff Writer
February 14, 2002

photo by Rose Marie Gonzalez

On Saturday Feb. 2, 2002 the roller hockey club sponsored a dance to help raise money. According to Frank Plum the club made “good profits” that will continue to support them in their leagues.

The club is split up into two different teams, Cabrini A and Cabrini B, who play in different leagues every season. This season the club is playing at the Marple Sports Arena where Cabrini B is doing very well. There they play against all different kinds of organizations with people of all different ages. Plum said that the league now is “very competitive” and is proud of how well Cabrini is doing.

After last season many of the good players left the club for many different reasons and now many others have joined to fill their place. Although Cabrini A is not doing too well this season Plum attributes that to the new players who have joined and has faith that they too will soon come together to do better as soon as they get more practice time in. “The new kids are learning more about how to play as a team.” Plum said.

Since the club started in October 2002 it has become very popular. “No one took us seriously in the beginning,” Plum said, “so we’ve come a long way.” Cabrini helped the club get started by donating money for jerseys and gear. From there, the team held fundraisers. For every league the players have to put up money themselves in order to play since the club is not an official sport at Cabrini. The costs, which usually runs around $100, depends on the type of league and how many players are involved.

Plum feels that the roller hockey team is a great way to meet new people and share there common interest of hockey. “It’s a good way to exercise and have fun.” He adds.

The club is open to males and females and Plum encourages all to come and check it out. For any questions about the team you can call Frank Plum at extension 5169.

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Staff Writer

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