Roller hockey on winning streak

By Laura Van De Pette
February 3, 2005

The roller hockey team has had an unparalleled season thus far and their first game back on the rink after a month-long break was no exception. The first place Cavaliers battled the second place West Chester University Rams on Sunday, Jan.30 and emerged victorious with a 3-2 win.

The first 13 minutes of the game was a back and forth tug-of-war between the Cavaliers and the Rams. Finally with just under two minutes left in the first period the Rams managed to squeak the puck past goalie, Steve Hughes. Even with Mike Egan caged in the penalty box, the Cavaliers managed to even the score when Steve Havrilla planted one in the Rams net.

With the score set 1-1, both teams were eager to light up the scoreboard at the start of the second period. Within the first minute of the game the Rams nabbed a second point. With a boisterous crowd chanting “Egan is my hero,” he shot 15 feet from the net to tie the score 2-2. Mike Stevens was playing remarkable defense, some of the best he has played all season. With great technique Stevens dodged three gold and purple jerseys to hook a shot to Clayton Cottman who slapped it in the Rams’ net putting the Cavaliers ahead 3-2. Teammate Bob Quinn said, “Clayton’s game was a big-time goal.”

The back and forth brawl continued for the remainder of the second period. Rich De Matteo had several powerful shots on goal but they proved futile against the Rams defense. Joe Zullo also attacked the Rams’ net and just missed a goal by inches.

The third period was intense as Cabrini fought to hold on to their 3-2 lead. Under pressure and several strong shots, Hughes was able to effortlessly deflect shots at every angle. The aggression was evident amongst the Rams and Cavaliers as the final minutes ticked on the clock. With three minutes left to play and Zullo eager for a goal, he was thrown into the penalty box despite his negotiating with the referees.

Although the Rams had several close shots in the final minute of the game, making the crowd wince, the Cavaliers stepped up their defense. Josh Foley, who once was an alternate for the Cavaliers, played amazing defense to keep the Cavs from over-time. Despite his outstanding performance, Foley said, “We played sloppy but Steve Hughes, our goalie, kept us in the game and kept our five-game winning streak alive.” The 3-2 victory may have been rocky considering it was their first game in four weeks, but it absolutely entertained the crowd and will hold the Cavs at first place for another week.

The Cavaliers will play this Sunday, Feb. 6 at 10 p.m. at the Marple Sports Arena in Broomall.

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Laura Van De Pette

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