Roller hockey: coming soon to a campus near you

By Staff Writer
October 25, 2001

The newest activity to be added to the wide array of sports offered at Cabrini is roller hockey. A popular game played all over the world, roller hockey is much like Ice hockey, but without the whole ice element. Instead of ice skates, roller hockey players wear in-line skates to help them glide smoothly across the rink’s concrete floor.

The roller hockey club at Cabrini was organized by senior Frank Plum and currently has 16 members. So far the club has been set up into two different teams that will scrimmage and practice against each other. The club meets every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. to discuss new developments and the clubs future. Practice is held weekly at both Valley Forge Military Academy and at the Marple Sports Complex.

For those who enjoy a more competitive level of roller hockey, a league club has also been organized. The league, which is played at the Villanova Skating Center five minutes away from Cabrini, consists of four on four teams with a goalie. The game is played in two twenty-four minute halves instead of the regular three thirty -minute periods. Games are played twice a week during the 10 game season as well as a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.

The roller hockey club is a good way to take a break from Cabrini’s daily grind. All one needs to become involved is a pair of skates, a helmet, and a hockey stick.

For more information on joining this new club contact either Frank Plum at (610) 902-.5169, or Rob Caine at (610)902-5145. Remember hockey fans keep your sticks down and your heads up.

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Staff Writer

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