Ricky Martin ‘doesn’t care’

By AnnMarie Chacko
December 8, 2005

Brandon Edwards

Ricky Martin sets fire to the music charts with his explosive new single “I Don’t Care.” Yes folks, it’s true. The Latin sensation who rocked our worlds and drove chills down our spines is back. “Life” is the first album since his world-wide smash hit “Almas del Silencio,” his all Spanish- language album, which debuted at #1 on the top of the charts in May, 2003. After some years, Martin has decided to return to the music scene breaking the hearts of women everywhere all over again. Jessica Vera, a senior elementary education major, said, “He needed to come back. I think it’s good that he’s keeping his music up-to-date and fresh.”

Intermingling Latino rhythms with Middle Eastern beats, fusing pop and reggaeton and throwing a little hip-hop into the already eclectic mix, Martin shows off a new style and refreshed look. “He’s hot, but he seems hotter than ever. His new song has this new beat and feel,” sophomore business major, Evelys Paulino said. He traveled to India to record string arrangements illustrating the new multicultural vibe and direction he wants for his music to take. Combining this with Brazilian choreography to use in his videos and tours, Martin is sure to create a powerful surge of ticket sales. ” I think it’s a smart business move to try to incorporate different music so many different people can like it and he’ll get better album sales,” Jonelle Haykel, a junior English and communication major, said.

Martin has been touring around the world, getting in touch with his inner spirit and searching for inspirations through music. “After spending time in silence, away from the stage, I had the time to travel and exchange ideas with people from all over the world (Brazil, Thailand, India, Egypt) and from all walks of life. Being influenced by all these cultures in a creative process, I’ve learned how connected we all are,” Martin says on his time away from the limelight. It certainly seems as though he’s found what he’s been looking for because he has announced the kick-off date for his next worldwide tour entitled “Una noche con Ricky Martin” on November 15 in Mexico City. The end of the first leg of the Latin American part of his tour will conclude in his native Puerto Rico. Martin says, “Where else could I start the tour but at home? Latin America to me is in my blood, soy boricua. Puerto Rico is my home.the concept of this tour is to return to the place where it all began and be one with the audience.”

In addition to announcing the beginning of his tour, Martin also announced that a portion of the money form each ticket sold will be donated directly to the Ricky Martin foundation, LIFE for the Katrina Children Relief Fund, People for Children and the RMF Tsunami Relief Fund. “The Ricky Martin Foundation is dedicated to helping those who are the most vulnerable among us, the children of the world.. When we all work together, we can make a difference,” said Martin.

Cabrini students seem to respect this new side of Ricky Martin. Ed Houseman, a senior special education/elementary education major, said, “I didn’t really like his music and I think he sold out the Latino music world. However, I give him credit for donating a lot of time and money to charity. Also, for coming back because of all the criticism about him.” There will be definite criticism but Martin is said to make a real come-back and take the world by storm one more time.

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AnnMarie Chacko

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