The Greek Lady flavors Philly

By Jenay Smith
April 25, 2012

If you’re looking for great Greek cuisine in the City of Brotherly Love, Greek Lady is the restaurant to visit.

Greek Lady is a family-owned business originated in Philadelphia in 1982.

The Dimopouloses are a family from a city in northern Greece. Greek Lady started out as a lunch truck on 37th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia. This area is known as University City.

 The name Greek Lady came from the students of Wharton College School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. 

They were a lunch truck from 1982 to 2003.

In 2003 they opened up their own store at 222 South 40th St. in Philadelphia in Hamilton Village.

Everything they serve is made fresh to order and nothing is premade. The design of the restaurant is to give their customers the feel of being in a Greek tavern.

Incorporated in the design to give the restaurant a Greece feeling is a lot of woodwork, brickwork and stonework.  All these aspects are native to Greece.

Olga Dimopoulos, the Greek Lady herself, started the business with her family.

One of the reasons why she started the business was because she had three children in college. They attended Widener University and Delaware Valley College.

Maria Dimopoulos, daughter of the Greek Lady, says that everyone comes back for different things including their salads and gyros.

Dimopoulos also says that everyone has their own taste and they come back for different items on the menu.

Their customers are loyal and come frequently.

Jessy, a frequent customer in Greek Lady, is from Morocco. She has only been in Philadelphia for about five months and can’t stay away from the Greek Lady.

“Yeah I come here every time I get a chance to,” Jessy said. “It’s so delicious!”

The dish that seems to be on everyone’s mind is Greek Lady’s lamb gyro. Jessy and Scott, another frequent customer at Greek Lady, both agree the gyros are the best thing on the menu.

They have three types of gyros: lamb, house and chicken. You can also have a gyro in a platter.

All gyro meat is carved directly from a revolving spit.

The Greek lady herself recommends the “Greek Lady salad.”

The salad includes mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, hard-boiled egg and your choice of white or whole-wheat pita bread.

She describes it as light and nice.

The employees who work for the Dimopoulos’s enjoy working with the family including the delivery guy.

Ghani makes deliveries for the Greek Lady and enjoys the people. He gets the opportunity to interact with customers and work for the family making it an even better experience.

Ruben, also an employee, loves everything about Greek Lady.

“Everything, everything around me,” Ruben said. “I love the store.”

Jessy and Scott would recommend Greek Lady to anyone.

Scott also mentioned how clean the Greek Lady is, reasonable the prices are and how he loves the atmosphere.

Greek Lady gets a thumbs up from their employees and customers. This restaurant has a warm environment and keeps their customers coming back.

“It’s clean and a great place just to relax and chill out,” Scott said.

Like their Facebook page “The Greek Lady @UPENN.”

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Jenay Smith

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