Revealing costumes stir up controversy

By Alyssa Davies
October 29, 2009

Shannon Keough

It’s no longer about how much candy you can get, but how risqué you can go. Halloween costumes have only one purpose when you’re in college and that is to look the hottest while revealing as much skin as you possibly can. Every girl wants to be the one at the party that makes the girls envy and the boys go crazy.

Halloween is the one night of the year where even the most respectable girl can let loose and feel a little comfortable in her own skin. Many will argue that girls can go a little too extreme with their costumes, but in my opinion, if you got it, flaunt it.

Everyone tells you that you’re only young once, so why not for once listen to them and take advantage of what you’ve got? You won’t always have a nice tight body, so actually appreciate it for one night. Whether you want to be an innocent French maid or a sexy police officer, the possibilities are endless.

The whole point of Halloween is to pretend you’re something that you’re not so why not be a little provocative? It’s college and in all honesty, I’ve probably seen girls wearing even less at a Saturday night party.

For those of you who disagree, you need to relax and stop being so uptight. Just because it’s something that you might not want to wear doesn’t mean no one else can. There’s nothing worse than a corner-dweller who looks to ruin everyone else’s good time by sending jealous stares. It only fuels the confidence, so stop wasting your time and actually join in on the fun. Who knows, you might actually have a great time.

I knew a girl last year who dressed up as a playboy bunny wearing nothing but lingerie, bunny ears and a tiny little cotton ball. I watched countless girls try and spread the negativity, but it didn’t even faze this girl. She strutted her stuff and knew she looked good wearing this costume that other girls wouldn’t even dare try on in the store.

I think that’s pretty ballsy and I wish I could only be half as confident as she. She probably had the most fun out of everyone at the party that night, because, instead of judging others, she focused on the whole point of Halloween and that is to have a little fun.

Your costume is supposed to be an alter ego and it doesn’t directly reflect the person wearing it. It’s just something they wanted to play around and have a little fun with. Is that not the point when you’re dressing up? Just because a girl chooses to wear a short, sexy little witch costume does not mean that in reality she’s posted up on the streets. She’s just a girl trying to feel sexy in her own skin.

I believe that everyone should wear what they want and stop the jealousy for once. We deal with it on a daily basis, so put it on the backburner and allow yourself to forget about what others think. So much attention is directed to the clothes you wear, so why not for once get back at those who bring you down and dress to the extreme. It’s Halloween, so have fun and wear whatever your little heart desires.

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Alyssa Davies

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