Rethinking extent of reality television

By Kimberly White
February 3, 2005

Cecelia Francisco

With the 21st century invasion of reality shows, people are bound to wonder if television has taken the spoof too far. While it is nice to see people humiliate themselves every now and then in front of millions of people weekly, you have to admit that the stint gets old after a while. When will networks realize that they need to provide their audience with something actually worth viewing every so often.

I am not bashing the whole reality television era, yet with shows such as American Idol, The Amazing Race, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Survivor, Fear Factor and new shows such as Super Nanny and Nanny 9-1-1, there needs to be at least one person saying enough is enough. While I, myself, am occasionally caught up in one or two of these shows, it seems as though every station that I turn to there is a reality show airing. For once, I would like to turn to a station where there was not some random person competing with others to win a sum of money by eating random animal body parts, or someone trying to win the affection of another by going on national televisions to do so.

I feel reality shows have engulfed too much of television airtime that people are getting sick of them, and only watch them because there is nothing else left to watch. This may not be true, but in my opinion, I just think that television needs to rethink their networks decisions on what should air and what should not.

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Kimberly White

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