Resume proves vital for graduating seniors

By Jill Fries
February 12, 2009

Shannon Keough

Graduation is three months away for most Cabrini seniors. The economy is going to throw these seniors a curveball making now the time to prepare. According to, a poll was given on the Web site asking college graduate job seekers if they had a resume.

Sixty-nine percent claimed they either did not have a resume or their resume needs a lot of help. A strong resume is crucial during this economy for any job-seeker, according to the number one entry-level job site online.

Dina DiTaranto, senior graphic design and studio art major, is currently revising her resume. She is debating whether to go to graduate school or to pursue a career at Two Paper Dolls design studio where she is presently an intern.

DiTaranto is prepared for graduation because she finds her internship, resume and portfolio important to her future success.

“I believe a resume is important in explaining your accomplishments in your field, but I also believe that my portfolio is more important because it showcases my skills,” DiTaranto said.

Similarly prepared is Billy Bacovin, senior human resources major. Bacovin plans to graduate and find a job, but he will not be picky considering the economy. He does have a resume that he hopes will prove his well-rounded skills.

“A resume is very important, considering it is another way to set you apart. Competition is all around you,” Bacovin said.

Daniella Rende, senior elementary education and early childhood major, does not have a resume. She would like to get a job as a teacher but she is keeping her part-time job to ensure income.

“I do not have a resume. I honestly have no idea how to make one,” Rende said. “I do student teach every day, so that is preparation by force not by choice.”

Unemployment in the United States has risen 6.7 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Almost two million Americans lost their jobs since 2008.

“The state of the economy at present is not going to allow graduating seniors to pick and choose jobs. Getting a job will be a job in itself this time around,” Bacovin said.

Dr. Nancy Watterson, assistant professor of social justice and American studies, assigns her students to create a resume that they work on in class and seek feedback from those who help with resume development.

“I feel some students put more time and effort into preparing for the job market than others do,” Watterson said. “Cabrini does a good job providing an array of resources to address the concerns of readiness and resume preparation.”

“School is what you make of it,” assistant professor of graphic designer Mrs. Jeanne Komp said.

Similarly agreeing with, academically, preparation is up to the student, according to Komp.

As a former employer, Eric Malm, assistant professor of business administration, has his own idea of preparation for job-seeking. “I feel that each student should have one or more ‘stories’ about who they are and where they’re trying to go,” Malm said. He believes a resume is the guide or script that helps you tell your story during an interview. stresses the importance of a resume, and that “it will not get you a job, but you will not get a job without it.”

Komp said, “From a life skills standpoint, I do not believe everyone is ready but they should all take the plunge. Some of the greatest life lessons can be learned from failure.”

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Jill Fries

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