Residents upset over CAC destruction

By Cecelia Francisco
September 18, 2003

Alissa Smith

Broken beer bottles litter the hallway of the third floor in the Cabrini Apartment Complex. A broken window, shattered, resembling a spider web, stands 15 feet away. People pass by, pointing and giggling.

Thursdays are rough on the CAC. Vandalism, theft and misconduct are a growing trend, and residents are left with the bill.

“It’s a shame that its come to be expected every Thursday and Saturday night,” Mike Sofia, a junior history major, said. Sofia lives on the second floor of the CAC.

The biggest problem on campus is the “abuse of alcohol,” according to Charlie Schaffner, the director of Public Safety. “People need to drink responsibly.”

“I think it very poor judgment,” Billy Leahy, a junior finance major, said. “You have to question the judgment of the people letting those people in.”

Both Sofia and Leahy agreed that the majority of the damage has come from visitors to the CAC.

“The thefts on campus are no more than usual. They mainly occur in the dorms, and it’s usually student-on-student,” Schaffner said. “It is a crime of opportunity.”

“Students should treat this like it’s their home because it is their home for nine months of the year. There’s 150 people living here,” Laura Giorlando, a senior education major, said.

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Cecelia Francisco

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