Resident, Commuter

By Kimberly White
February 3, 2005

Scott Fobes

From the fall of 2001 through the spring of 2002 I wanted nothing to do with college. I attended various college tours and presentations simply to humor my parents, or to get out of the daily, predictable high school class routine. I wasn’t thrilled to be finishing high school and my main focus was on the fun I planned on having before the dreadful beginning of college.

I didn’t really care where I wound up attending school, but I felt most at home during my tour of Cabrini. I was upset at the thought of leaving all of the friends that I had built such strong and amazing relationships with over the past four years, and decided I was going to commute to a school close by. I couldn’t imagine enjoying the “resident” college student role.

Freshman orientation came the day after senior week ended. Of course I was dreading the thought of staying at an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people after what I thought to be the most unforgettable week of my life had just ended. This was it, I came to realize upon my arrival at Cabrini’s freshman orientation that I was no longer a dependent high school child, but somewhat forced into being an independent adult entering the adult world of college.

My parents drove away and left me there, alone. Although I had spent the past year trying to get as far away from them as I could, I realized at that point that I wasn’t nearly as independent as I once thought and hated the thought of my parents abandoning me there.

By the time my parents came back to Cabrini, as orientation ended, I had a more positive outlook on my college career. In fact, I even shocked them by asking if I could still change my mind and live on campus instead of commuting when the semester began in August.

Although surprised and possibly somewhat disappointed they allowed me to do so, assuming it’s what would make me most happy. My parents were right because I did move into Xavier Hall in August of 2002 and had the most amazing time. I met some unforgettable people with whom I created lasting friendships and memories with. I spent my sophomore year living in House 2 and had a great experience there as well.

I began my junior year in August of 2004. I decided to commute this year for various reasons, which makes my college experience much different from the previous years of residing on campus. Although residing on a college campus and commuting from home are two completely different experiences for anyone, they both served as learning experiences in my life.

I never expected my resident experience to be as meaningful and enjoyable as it was and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. As a commuter I’m now viewing college from a completely different perspective. I don’t regret either choice I made, but would recommend experiencing life on a college campus to any freshman who is deciding whether or not they want to live on their college campus.

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Kimberly White

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