Re: R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means to Dzik 2/5/2005

February 3, 2005

Thank you for writing the recent article on Coach John Dzik.

I graduated from Cabrini College in 1999 and was an active participant in the campus community. As a former member of the basketball team I know first hand how much Coach Dzik meant to the college, unfortunately some in the administration never truly appreciated or understood his value.

Ms. Moll’s comment insisting it’s best not to question the reasoning of the administration is simply outrageous. She should be ashamed for expressing such an ironfisted like attitude. Is Cabrini under a dictatorship? And since when has the administration felt it was unnecessary to welcome the voice of its students, parents and alumni? Understandably it’s up to the administration to guide this institution in the right direction, but ultimately they have an obligation to encourage and listen to the voices of the community they represent, whether they agree with them or not.

And Ms. Lysionek, who insisted she thought “long and hard” before making the decision, maybe should have thought a little more. She clearly underestimated Dzik’s value to the institution and the unsettling feelings many students and alums now have because of the decision. As alumni we are somewhat distanced from the institution, but for many of us a bridge exists, a bridge that keeps us forever linked to the institution. That bridge for many is John Dzik. Ms. Lysionek rash decision has since torn down that bridge, leaving many of us isolated from the community we thought we knew.

The future of Coach Dzik at this college may not change. If that is so, it’s extremely unfortunate and Cabrini’s loss. Current and prospective students will be losing a valuable member of the community. But while the outcome may not change, students, parents and alumni should not sit by idly while a small minority dictates the future of this college. Despite Moll’s comments, you have a voice and you should use it.

In the years to come, the likes of Iadarola, Lysionek, and Moll will come and go, but what will remain constant is the legacy of Coach Dzik and his lasting imprint on this institution. That is something they may envy but something they’ll never be able to take away.


Roman Gabriel
Class of 1999

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