Remembering the best of times

By Marianne McKim
December 6, 2001

My time at Cabrini is slowly rolling to its very last days. In some ways it seems like the time has passed so quickly, but many times it seems like it has dragged on and on.

When I was a freshman I didn’t really care too much for Cabrini and couldn’t wait to be a senior. Now as a senior, I look back on being a freshman and realize that was the best time I had here and in a way wish I could retreat back to freshman year.

The dances were always a good time, people actually came. Parties actually happened on campus and were sometimes so large that you could hardly move, and this was even in the apartments. Fun nights of stumbling back to your room, often looking like idiots, were numerous.

Some of the classes were wonderful and I learned many new and useful things. Other classes I could have definitely lived without.

I had some great professors. They were nice people, excellent teachers, eager to help you in several situations and kept the classes interesting. I have also had more than my share of professors that didn’t really teach. They just rambled on about nothing sometimes. Some could care less how much effort you would put into class, a paper or a project.

When I first applied to colleges my goal was to go to Penn State University, main campus, straight from high school like my brother. However, I chose Cabrini (along with a little persuasion from my parents).

I came from a tiny high school where there were only about 160 students in my graduating class. Coming to a small school has helped me achieve the dean’s list several times. The one on one communication with teachers has helped me to become a better student.

On the contrary, I could make a long list of things about this school that upsets me, such as the administration (excluding most of the faculty), the cliques and how it sometimes seems this school is out to get you.

However, I want to end on a positive note. Being involved in different activities has helped me grow as an individual. I have worked on the college radio station all four years and am currently the music director for RPM, Hip Hop and Dance. This has helped me meet great contacts in the music industry.

I had the chance to express my love of music through my writing with the Loquitur, as well as numerous other stories, both informative and just for fun. I had the chance to be a photographer for the newspaper, to develop my artistic skills.

I was able to participate with the college TV station as a reporter. All of these activities will help me in the future with narrowing down what path I want to chose.

I made great friends here at Cabrini, which I will always keep as a part of my life. They are very special to me and I will never forget them. I hope to be able to keep in close contacts with them as long as possible.

Even though my days here as a student are numbered I will never forget these wonderful years of my life. Now I am off to receive a master’s degree, but I will never forget where my first experiences came from, Cabrini College.

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Marianne McKim

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