Refusal to wear the shorts in this match

By Staff Writer
March 18, 2004

Steph Mangold

Why is it that some men need to think that in order for women to attract more attention we need to wear tight skimpy clothes? Well, why don’t we go and ask the FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Recently he said that women soccer players should wear more revealing uniforms. He even went as far as suggesting wearing skimpier and tighter shorts. Apparently by having more feminine uniforms it will attract more cosmetic and fashion industries. It’s a soccer game for freaking sake! I would like to see the men’s soccer teams run around in more appealing uniforms for us women out there. Am I the only one that thinks that this is ridiculous?

I don’t think that by having more revealing uniforms they will attract more people to soccer games. Soccer fans go for the game, not to see how sexy the players look in their uniforms.

Now I used to be a soccer player and from what I can remember soccer shorts were uncomfortable to begin with. I was out there to play the game, not to flaunt my body to a crowd full of strange men. I think that this is a sexist remark to all women athletes out in all degrees of the game. Yes, there was an uproar of comments made by professional women’s soccer teams but it sure ticked me off when I read the article too.

I don’t understand how this idea could’ve even crossed Blatter’s mind. I understand that sex sells but this is going too far. Have the heads of these corporations sunk that low for making more money? If at all, the FIFA president should be thinking of more ways to push for focus on the women’s soccer teams, having another championship and giving prize money to the teams of the Women’s World Cup. By sexualizing a game like this it takes away from what the game is really about. I understand that this was a comment that he made during a press conference. What I don’t understand is how he thought that this wouldn’t be taken in such a striking way.

As a former soccer player, I think that this is ridiculous. I’ll go back to playing soccer wearing tight shorts if men soccer players play the game in tight little Speedos. That should even up the score there. Personally, I don’t see how a bunch of sweaty smelly women running around on a soccer field is attractive anyway but I’m not a guy.

Posted to the web by: Angelina Wagner

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Staff Writer

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