Reflecting on the last three years during my fourth

By Morgan Fazzini
October 11, 2021

Two major switches, a new sport, new interests, a season ending injury, and one pandemic later, I have made it to my senior year of college. If someone were to tell me I would be where I was, I would not believe them. I feel that’s a major sign of growth; I’ve made it to what seemed impossible to first year Morgan.

The first month of my first year and my parents are with me enjoying my new sport.

In my freshman year, I was just trying to learn a new routine away from home. I was rarely homesick and never worried about seeing my family in Lancaster. My entire schedule was focused on school and only school. I sat in the library for hours each day, I rarely took a break from anything. I did, however, make great friends in my first year that supported my crazy habits as best as they could.

It was the fall semester that I switched my major so many times. I bounced from chemistry, to business, then trying to create my own social chain major at Cabrini. I was lost between business and science. I knew if I wanted to do science, I wanted it to be something that truly interested me. Before picking exercise science, I was almost set on nutrition. What pulled me more towards exercise science was that if I did want to become a dietician, I could do that with an exercise science major. It was more broad, and since I was so torn with what to choose, I figured I would let myself learn more throughout the major to see where I was meant to end up.

Since I was such an uptight little freshman, it was difficult being okay not in control of my future. It took a lot of time to let myself realize that I was just starting school and I did not have to have it all figured out immediately at 18-19 years old. It is difficult feeling that pressure so young, as well as in the first semester adjusting to college.

The spring of my freshman year was when my growth truly began. One torn ACL was all it took for me to completely change. I was lucky it was a change for the better. I started off angry, depressed and uninterested in “staying strong.” Watching lacrosse practices daily, games, and the championship was so tough knowing I could not do anything to help my team besides cheer.

Once summer came, I was ready to focus on myself. I spent the summer on my own, not going to visit my Cabrini friends once. I rehabbed my knee and kept all of the stress and pain to myself. I started my sophomore year in a better headspace. I let myself go in the best way I could. This was also when the fun, intense part of my rehabbing began.

My last year of running for Cabrini and my parents are still supporting me! The physical difference does not do justice fo the internal difference in who I am.

As eager as I was to start my comeback lacrosse season, after putting in so much work, COVID-19 came and shut everything down. Doing my classes online at home was not fun and I did not feel challenged. I prioritized lifting and building more strength. I worked at my job in the retirement home, Woodcrest Villa, in Lancaster. I kept myself busy by reading books in only a few days.

My junior year had harder classes, especially online. I was back into sports, even though it was not a real cross country season and a shortened lacrosse season. I was able to keep my new hobbies and since I was 21, I had a better social life. I developed a happier personality and stayed looking on the positive side of every situation I was in.

Here I am, my senior year and I am so proud of the attitude change, the strength change and the new hobbies I found. I am closer with my family and I love going home on weekends to see them. I also found my passion for a career. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue my education and become a physical therapist down the road.

I have future plans, but I let my days happen as they come. I am less uptight than first year Morgan and I don’t feel I need to schedule every second of my life. I have a much healthier relationship with friends, family, myself, food and exercise. I was always told high school would be the best years of my life, but my years at Cabrini have been better by a landslide. I feel I am in my prime, so graduate school can only be better.

It is exciting to become a new and better person than when I first stepped onto the Cabrini campus. I give credit to myself, because I did a lot of things on my own, but also to my coaches, friends and family. Being able to reflect is only making me more excited to see where I will be by May 2022, when I receive my college diploma.

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Morgan Fazzini

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