‘Riding Hood’ gets mixed reviews

By Alyssa Mentzer
April 11, 2011

For movie-goers looking for an exciting and suspenseful movie with some romance and action mixed in, “Red Riding Hood” is the perfect choice.

Amanda Seyfried stars in a fresh take of the childhood story, “Little Red Riding Hood,” along with Gary Oldman from “The Dark Knight,” Billy Burke from the Twilight Saga and up-and-coming actor Shiloh Fernandez.

Amanda Seyfried stars as Valerie, travels to her grandmother’s house in a modern revival of the children’s classic “Little Red Riding Hood." -- MCT

The movie takes place in a medieval village that has been haunted by a werewolf for years. While the werewolf stalked the village, it was content with accepting monthly animal sacrifices; until now.

While the werewolf starts to claim the lives of villagers, the people grow frustrated and ask a well-known werewolf hunter, Father Solomon (Oldman), to help kill the wolf. Father Solomon warns the village that the werewolf may very well be one of them since it takes the form of a human during the day and beast by night.

One night while the beast is terrorizing the village, Valerie (Seyfried) realizes that she can understand the werewolf, which makes her a suspect and the bait.

Father Solomon and others in the village believe that Valerie’s ability to understand the beast and red-hooded cape, the color of the devil, make her the perfect bait to lure the beast in.

If she is sacrificed during the process, it would be a risk Father Solomon is willing to take to save the rest of the people.

Throughout the rest of the movie, Peter (Fernandez), Valerie’s true love, and others scurry around the village trying to free Valerie and find out the true identity of the wolf.

Although “Red Riding Hood” is a modern and suspenseful take on a childhood story, it still possesses key parts to the original story like the red hood and grandmother’s house.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, 50 percent of audiences liked it.

While some thought it was a “sexy, psychoanalytical, soap opera fantasy,” others thought it was cliché.

Overall, “Red Riding Hood” received mixed reviews from audiences but is still packed with action, romance and suspense.

Whether you are on a date or just seeing a movie with friends, “Red Riding Hood” has something to offer all audiences.



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Alyssa Mentzer

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