Recycle today for a better tomorrow, for a better world

By Lisa Broomall
October 4, 2001

Jeffery Hardy

Stop. Think about where you are putting that soda can or that plastic water bottle. Some people just put it in the trash bin without thinking, while others put it in red or blue recycling bins. People have learned that recycling is the best way to help conserve the environment, and to help save animals that are in the local areas.

Yet, does Cabrini College recycle their aluminum and plastics? When talking to a Wood Dining Service employee, Linda Roscioli, she stated that “cardboard boxes seem to be the only thing recycled.” She also said, “I recycle at home, but the plastics and aluminum here seem to be thrown away.”

Most people would even wonder why they should recycle here on campus when at times it is such a task. Between studying, working and attending classes no one has time to sort their trash, yet, when students go home they have the time to sort the garbage. Students should still recycle no matter if they are at home or at their dorms.

Residence Life Director, David Carpenter, said, “recycling is all up to the student body, and that we should not have to pay people to sort through student’s trash. It would not be right.”

Shayla Hasic-Stamps, assistant residence life director, said, “We tried recycling program once, but there was hardly any activity. Student involvement was so low that recycling companies would not come to pick up the recyclables.”

Residence Life is trying to get rid of fenced-in trash bins that are near the houses and get better trash bins. In doing this students will not leave their trash lying around, but they will put in the trash bins. As for the college helping out in recycling they have dumpsters that recycle cardboard and office paper. Leaves and aluminum can also recycled.

The college gets a discount from the trash companies for their part in recycling. They separate cardboards and office paper in order so they do not get contaminated, and if they are contaminated the college receives a fine cause they company considers this regular trash.

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Lisa Broomall

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