Recession forces students to work while attending school

By Kiara Corbin
September 17, 2009

The effects of the recession are taking a toll on students and will soon affect their work ethic.

This current problem that our economy is facing has changed the lives of many people, especially students who are now forced to take on a job along with their daily education.

Working throughout the school year is no longer a choice but a commitment to finish school.

Some students were unable to return to their college due to the increase of tuition and fees. The price of gas and living has increased tremendously and many citizens aren’t able to pay for important things such as an education anymore.

I personally work a full-time job while attending school full-time. This will be a transition for many students this year that may become overwhelmed as the semester progresses.

I think working during this economic recession is necessary for right now.

It will take students time to adjust, but more responsibility and appreciation for saving money will eventually be gained. Even though it is necessary to save money during this crucial time we are experiencing.

I think that with students working more to keep up with education expenses will cause a problem with grades.

Most students live on campus and have to travel to get to work, while still having homework, sports and extracurricular activities.

Students will have to learn to become more organized and realize what is more important to them as far as working, partying and getting to class.

I feel as though if you want something bad enough you can make it happen.

We are all adults now and we can’t expect things to be thrown at us; money doesn’t fall in your hands, you have to make it. Everything is not going to be easy in life, so while we are still here, work while you can. Most students in college are dependent on their parents and now it’s time for them to work.

If you can’t handle working and taking a couple classes when you have been given a syllabus that prepares you for all the upcoming class requirements then how do you expect to survive in the real world?

Life is full of changes. As students we experience a drastic change from living with our parents to being on our own.

As this recession stays active we have to want to go the extra mile.

Working and going to school is necessary to better ourselves, especially in this recession that our economy is facing.

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Kiara Corbin

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