Ravishing restaurants you can afford

By Abigail Keefe
October 14, 2005


Burger King! Taco Bell! Wendy’s! Campus Corner! Hell no, I won’t go!!! Tired of the same old thing? Lucky for you, after much in-depth investigating, I have come up with a list of affordable alternatives that wont break the bank.

Being college students we have the innate nature of being cheap. If a meal cost over 10 dollars, we are not interested. However, Cabrini students are very fortunate because they live on the main line, which is filled with many diverse eating options open to the public.

If you get a hankering for Chinese, which I know I often do, I suggest that you try out the China Garden. They even deliver right to your door, and you get a free egg roll with every 10-dollar order. If Chinese is not what the taste buds are craving, you can always go to Sushi Land for some awesome Japanese food. When the typical dish of sushi costs an arm and a leg, this does not stand true for Sushi Land.

However, most college students just prefer the good ol’ American food. If this is true in your case, you should check out the Wild Onion. Their salads and sandwiches are more than enough to satisfy the rumbling stomach.

Other options that are just as suitable, however a little more pricey, include The Grog and Kelly’s Restaurant. Both of these joints consist mainly of bar food but the atmosphere is energetic and lively.

And if you just need that picker upper in the morning, you can grab a bagel and coffee at Cosi and Manhattan Bagel. Both offer a wide variety of breakfast foods all throughout the day. Cosi even stays open late and provides a dessert menu.

When you get that sweet tooth, you must make your way to Hope’s Country Fresh Cookies. Freshly oven baked every day, Hope’s Bakery offers all cookies from snickerdoodle to double fudge.

Now all of these restaurants are great for college students to go to when they are tight on pocket cash, but where do you go when the family comes to visit. If you want to show Mom and Dad a good time and not spend every dime in their pocket you can take them to Gullifty’s. The food is very good and priced just right. Another option is the Great American Pub. It is not as formal as the other, but it is equally good and reasonably priced.

Now that you are well-informed college students, I suggest you put that drive through behind you and move onto bigger and better eating. If you would like more information on different eateries in the area you can always visit www.campusfood.com. This web page will give you a whole list of substitute eating options.

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Abigail Keefe

Abigail Keefe is a Cabrini College student studying communications, enjoying her time in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Abbie loves working for the school newspaper, the Loquitur, and is also passionate about everything that the communication field has to offer.

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