Rapid growth causes changes in housing selection

By Jenine Ikeler
March 15, 2001

Michelle Palandro

It’s that time of the year again when the sounds of angry students and parents raid the Cabrini campus community. I am of course, talking about the upcoming housing availability for the 2001-2002 school year. We all know Cabrini College has experienced a rapid growth of resident students in the last few years. This expansion has forced the college to establish certain requirements for students to be able to reside on campus.

Director of Residence Life David Carpenter provided an update on what is to be expected.

Woodcrest and Xavier will designated for first-year students.

The new dorm and Houses One, Two and Three are reserved for students who have completed less than 29, or who are participating in Special Interest Housing (S.I.H). All of these halls are alcohol-free and House One and Three have a possibility of being co-ed although nothing is finalized.

Houses Four, Five, Six and Seven are reserved for students with 30 credits or more. Students will not need special approval to live in these houses.

To live in the Cabrini Apartment Complex (CAC) you must be approved in advance by the Residence Life staff. Applications will be distributed to all student mailboxes this week; however, if one wasn’t received, applications are available in the Residence Life Office.

There are certain requirements that students must fulfill to live in the CAC. They include likelihood of compliance with the Code of Conduct based on the past disciplinary history and 45 credits currently completed. No exceptions will be made. Appeals will be considered on March 22. If more than 111 residents are eligible, preference will be given based on GPA, credits earned, and involvement in college and service activities. Keep in mind, there are only five apartments with accommodation for four people, nine apartments accommodating five people, and apartments for six people.

Students who currently have completed 105 credits or turn 24 years old by the start of the academic year may not enter the housing- selection process. Residence life, however, is giving students who feel they have extenuating circumstances to appeal in writing no later than March 28.

Each student must complete a Housing Application, Residence Life Hall Agreement and a Roommate Questionnaire. Points will be distributed for students who wish to live in the CAC: one point for each semester on camps; one for campus leadership activity and/or athletics; various point values awarded for GPA.

Points will be subtracted for previous violations of the student Code of Conduct

Points are determined by Residence Life staff and are based on student leader input and cannot be appealed. All packets are due by 4:30 p.m. the Residence Life on Tuesday, March 27.

“Most likely in the future we will not be offering housing to seniors. We want to focus on freshmen and sophomores giving them support as they adjust to the college life,” Carpenter said.

” I feel that this is ridiculous. How can the college not guarantee housing to certain seniors when they have given all their time and money over the last three years to this institution?” junior Tina Hadley said.

“Why would Residence Life make upcoming seniors worry about housing when it is the last possible thing on our mind?” Maureen Kelly added.

When asked if incoming freshman would be made aware that they would not be guaranteed housing for all four years. Carpenter said information was sent to the Office of Admissions.

“I do not want housing to be a secret,” Carpenter added.

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Jenine Ikeler

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