Rally energizes McCain fans

By Meghan Smith
October 23, 2008

Marc Zubricky

Sen. John McCain held a rally at Montgomery County Community College on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

McCain addressed the standing room only physical education center of MCCC for an energetic half an hour. He spoke about his plans for the job market, his response to the financial crisis, changing Washington and Obama’s tax policies. “What we need to see now is swift, bold action to lead this country in a new direction.”

“We cannot spend the next four years the way we spent the last eight waiting for our government to change. Times are getting worse . we have to change direction immediately,” McCain said in the beginning of his speech.

In regards to the $7 billion bailout, McCain expressed his idea of “using more of this public money to help businesses and homeowners that may be too small to survive.” He explained that this financial crisis stemmed from a housing crisis and that the economy and markets cannot be fixed until the housing crisis is resolved.

“My plan will protect the value of your home and get it rising again,” McCain said without going into extensive detail.

The housing crisis was a result of bad mortgages and in order to progress “we need to replace them with mortgages they can afford. This is what we did during the Great Depression and we can do it again . All homeowners will begin the process of recovery from this crisis,” McCain said.

McCain emphasized that Americans will learn from this crisis in order to prevent another and that stricter oversight is needed.

“We’re going to get the government out of the business of bailouts and mistakes . and back into the business of responsible regulation,” McCain said. “We must restore trust to our financial system.”

“As president, I intend to act quickly and decisively with a government that does not provide much . the terms will be demanding and the safety net of our financial system will not become a golden parachute for failed executives,” McCain said.

“The hard earned savings of Americans should not be penalized by the erratic behavior of politicians,” McCain said.

McCain spent a good portion of the morning speaking about tax cuts and the job market. “When I am elected president, I will help create jobs for Americans in the most effective way a person can do this, with tax cuts,” McCain said.

McCain’s plan is to create jobs and increase the wealth of all of America and intends to reduce the business tax rate from 35 percent-the second highest in the world-down to 25 percent. ?

McCain addressed Sen. Obama’s voting records saying that he “has voted 94 times for tax increases or against tax cuts and is now promising almost a trillion dollars in loan spending.” Obama has been a senator for three years and has already earned the title of its most liberal member, McCain said.

“Perhaps never in American history have the American people been asked to risk so much based on so little,” McCain said of Obama’s future plans. “Sen. Obama is going to raise taxes and in this economy, raising taxes is the surest way to turn a recession into a depression.”

McCain concluded the rally with an emotional call to his supporters to “fight for a new direction of our country, fight for what is right for America.” He reminded the crowd that he was one of them, “I’m an American and I choose to fight.”

Meghan Smith

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