RA Frank Plum Fired

By Staff Writer
April 18, 2002

To those of you who know me, this letter will not tell you anything that you already didn’t know, but to those of you who might have heard about what has happened myself and to a number of other RA’s recently, this letter will put an end to all of the rumors and hear say.

Where do I start? I was not a Resident Assistant last year, and I didn’t plan on being one this year until I heard that a RA was let go over the summer due to the fact that he couldn’t keep his GPA above a 2.5. But that is not the issue! I was told by another RA that a spot was open and that I would make a great RA, plus get free room and board. She sold the deal! The next day I was asked to become part of the Resident Life staff, after a brief 15 minute interview process, and was given a key to my free room in the New Residence hall. You could tell that the Residence Life office was desperate to fill a spot. I happened to be in the right spot at the right time, and I was defently the right gender for the job since they needed to replace a male RA. They were so desperate that they actually looked over my past history of write ups and insulting letters to their Director of Student Life, that they actually hired me. I should have known then that their office has no loyalty.

So now I am a RA! I got the job and had to move in for training all on the same day. That should have been a warning in itself. During training we were told that “we are part of a team and we all have each others backs.” David Carpender repeated that being an RA means being a part of a team in last weeks loquitur, but I am now about to set the record straight when it comes to team work.

A team is a collective group that is all working towards the same goal. Everyone is an equal and has a voice in how that team is going accompish those goals. Everyone backs each other up during the good times and the bad times. If there is a leader or a captain, he or she listens to the concerns of the team and works with the team to keep moving forward.

The Residence Life office is more like a dictatorship or a game of chess if you will. Let me explain! First you have your King, the one who dictates all the action around. Now in our case the roles are flipped, because our “King” is Dr. Laura Valente, and our”Queen”, but we’ll play along for humor it. In this game of, everyone is out to save their own *ss. So the king puts the queen in charge of the knights, bishops, rooks. We’ll call these people the Resident Directors, who are therfore in charge of the pawns, hense the RA’s. On the other side of the board we have the enemy, which are students, drugs, alcohol, emergencies, lock outs,family issues, and life. all of which it is the pawns “RA” responsibility to keep away from the king. But which pawn goes first? Thats where the problem occurs which makes our team turns into a save your own *ss heirarchy.

The truth is RA’s stab each other in the back to make themselves look good for the RD’s. Why do they do this? To get off duty so they don’t have to protect a king that they already didn’t like in the first place from the problems that I have already mentioned, or to get good recomendations in the future, or just to be a big kiss *ss. The point I’m trying to make is that they all turn into individuals eventually. The RD’s are the same way. They all talk dirt on each other and become one of those fake people you see on infomercials selling someone elses dream. They might give you a warentee, but they are already selling you a used car with over 100,000 miles on it. Every now and then you will see the queen come out and try to inspire the troop of pawns, but we all know if the queen comes out, you might get burned. And we did, especially on the night the Rick Cruz and Clarence Scott got fired. The queen came out and sacrificed two pawns in the process, and the other team captured him anyway during one of the most darkest moments in my four years at Cabrini. The queen made a mistake by telling someone under the influence to drive home drunk, and therefore he is ready to be captured by the other teams lawyers.

Then there is the almighty King that never comes out and has no interaction with the one’s who protect her in this case. I pitty the King so much that I don’t even need to say anything about her. The King may be untouchable with an army in front of her, but she doesn’t have the respect from them or the people she is trying to win over by ruling. I’m sure there will be new rules and regulations dictated down upon a new heirarchy next year. I’m sure that there will be new peices in place. Maybe even a new king or queen. Who knows?

Now to put all the rumors aside about the my termination from the Residence Life staff, I made the mistake! I went to the Senior dinner and had a few drinks during the cocktail hour, knowing that I had to be on duty later that night. It was completly my fault! I knew that I shouldn’t have drank the night that I would be on duty, but like I said when it comes down to it we are all individuals, and nobody is going to take that away from me! Your only a senior once and you only have one senior dinner to go to. I should have never been on duty in the first place. David Carpender also said that it is a “paying job”. Yes, they do give us free room and board, but we have to live in the environment in which we work. Let me tell you, that is the hardest thing to do in the world. When you write somebody up that lives next door to you, they don’t forget. They can make your life hell! That wasn’t my case, and I know that I will miss my residence and the friendships that I made, but I will always regret working for Residence Life because they made my senior year suck!

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Staff Writer

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