RA “Duty”

By Staff Writer
April 29, 2004

It is a common practice on this campus to have rivalries between organizations on campus, almost as if we’re competing against each other rather than working together. As a member of Residence Life, I find many people speak out and find the need to degrade RA’s and our supervisors, no matter the situation. After three years at this school, I think I know why.

Students have created what is called a ‘fools enemy.’ Youth in America tend to create an enemy that does not exist when there is nothing to complain about. In our case, it is authority figures such as police, teachers and even RAs. Through the years, I have read several articles in the Loquitur telling the student body how bad RAs do their jobs. That same negativity is said about SGA, CAP Board and anyone that might make a mistake. I hear it everywhere. However, as always, I strongly disagree. I am tired of the constant negativity thrown at RAs everyday. I hope it will change, and it starts with this paper speaking the good word of campus organizations. “You speak, we listen” right?

We are the ones who stay up until 5 a.m. making sure you or your peers remain safe. We unlock your door at 3 a.m. because that is our job. We sit through weeks of training just in case there is that one student that presents us with the worst possible problem. We get screamed at by drunk as well as sober people.

We do more than you think. We will take on any problem you give us. We will sacrifice anything for you. We are not perfect, and the student body constantly reminds us. We are good people with good intentions.

No, this is not a sad song, it is a statement; a statement to you Cabrini. We will lay it on the line for you any day. I am an RA. That is my ‘duty.

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Staff Writer

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