Radnor H.S. gets turf before Cabrini

By Jeffrey Outterbridge
September 25, 2003

Steph Mangold

What is the price of perfection? The answer is $1.2 million dollars. That’s how much Radnor high school is paying for their brand new state of the art soccer field.

The soft green turf can only be found on the soccer field and nowhere else. Going through the school, there is a distinct difference between the football field and the newly rejuvenated soccer field. The field looks like a million dollars well spent.

Radnor’s new field has kids from other high schools singing its praises. “The turf is really nice” Sean Decker, a cross country runner from Ridley high school, said. “Man, I really wish our school could get one!”

The field can be used at any time of the day. At night, six 80 foot poles, each equipped with 12 fixture heads, light up the sky. “Each of the heads contains a 1500 watt light bulb. That is a lot of power!” Tony Tomasetti of Rufo contracting, said. “It is a 400 AMP 480 volt service. Altogether it is about 108 thousand kilowatts total.”

All of the wires for the electric service are run under the synthetic turf. All of the excavation and drainage was done by P. Dimarco.

“I definitely prefer turf. It is some much easier to control the ball,” sophomore soccer player Vinny Sofia said.

Kevin Rayer, a sophomore lacrosse player, has been playing for 11 years. “Don’t get me wrong, I like grass and all, but it is so much easier to play on turf. It’s a hell of a lot easier on your legs and you don’t have to wear spikes. It’s good in all weather conditions whether it rains or snows.”

Eric Serio, a sophomore, transferred from West Chester University. “At West Chester, we had grass, it was really messed up because the football team used the field and made holes and a lot of dirt. It would cost so much less to have turf. It’s easier to maintain, Serio said.”

Not all of the students believe that turf is what it’s hyped up to be. “I really don’t like turf. If I had to choose between turf and grass, I prefer the “real” thing,” sophomore girls soccer player Sara Player said. “Being a goalie, it hurts to dive on the turf. Plus the little black pebbles get stuck all in my gloves. Turf is scratchy.”

One thing that all of the athletes agree on is that they want a field at Cabrini. “Oh, I would love it if Cabrini had turf.” Sofia said. “It would be awesome!” Serio said. Even Sarah Player, a person that is not a fan of turf is for it at Cabrini. “If the school decided to get a turf, I don’t care, I will play on anything. That is how it is I would even play on pavement!”

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Jeffrey Outterbridge

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