Race to the White House

By Ryan Kirby
March 27, 2008

philadelphia inquirer/mct

Barack Obama is the candidate who has been preaching change since day one of his campaign.

The immigration crisis, rising national debt, lack of a healthcare plan and an economic downturn are just a few of the problems that need immediate action, which Obama has promised to deliver. From his days living in Chicago trying to improve poor neighborhoods, he has never changed his stance and has continued his unwavering position that he is simply trying to change this country for the better.

It’s time people stopped thinking about race, gender and personal life when it comes to picking a president. We have serious issues that face our country that if left in the wrong hands could spell disaster.

Obama has proven through his campaign that this is the time for change and he means it. Boasting that he can not only fix what’s been broken but also change the entire climate of Washington, which in my opinion is long overdue. Politicians need to remember that they serve the people, the voters who put them there rather than the lobbyists who have no business on Capitol Hill in the first place.

Ryan Kirby

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