Quizzo ‘stretches thinking’

By Kaitlyn Kohler
September 18, 2012

Students at Quizzo part of Cabrini’s Game Show week.
Kaitlyn Kohler / Photo Editor

Students brought their a-game and gathered at the round tables in Jazzman’s Cafe on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m., ready to compete against their peers in the game of Quizzo, sponsored by the Cabrini College CAP board.

Quizzo is a trivia game. This one in particular consisted of three rounds of different types of questions. The first round were trivia questions, the second involved pictures of celebrities that the students put names to, and the third involved sound bites, which students listened to. Students picked teams and sat together at tables, where putting their knowledge to the test.

“It really challenges me to stretch my way of thinking,” Shae McPherson, senior communications major, said when asked what his favorite thing about Quizzo was. His team, named Heisenberg, brought their brains together and answered the various questions Quizzo challenged them with.

Jeff Young, senior political science major and Shae’s teammate, is an avid Quizzo player and was ready to take on the challenging questions and helped bring his team to victory.

“Answering the questions, and the camaraderie with my teammates,” Young said when describing what he loved most about Quizzo.

To celebrate their victory, CAP Board award the Heisenberg team with three gift cards, which consisted of a $10 Amazon giftcard, and a $25 Visa giftcard, along with the honor of being winners of Quizzo.

“My team and I had a great time,” McPherson said. “It was all in good fun.

” Young was also pleased with the Heisenberg team’s victory. “It was great to win alongside my Heisenberg teammates,” Young said about the victory.

For some students, this was their first time participating in Quizzo. Greg Robinson, junior political science major and member of CAP board, who was playing with three others on “Da CAP Board” team, was a first-time Quizzo player.

“My adviser told me to come here.,” Robinson said when asked what brought him to Quizzo.

Whether you are an avid Quizzo player, or someone who is just looking to try something new, Quizzo is a great event that brings together a good balance of knowledge and fun, as well as great prizes.

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Kaitlyn Kohler

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