Questions of authority on campus drug use

By defaultuser
November 21, 2002

I wanted to write to the Loquitur to see what is being done about pot-smoking on campus. As a Cabrini student, I find it very disturbing at the amount of pot-smoking that goes on on campus. I hear people make reference to it, admit to smoking it, and I have even heard about people getting caught with it.

I don’t smoke pot and would never even consider it, because it is an illegal drug and quite frankly, doesn’t do much to help one to succeed in school. I get annoyed when people come up and talk to me and I can see in their bloodshot eyes that they are high from pot.

I certainly don’t like going back to my dorm and smelling it in the hallways or outside the building. I haven’t heard, however, of anyone being turned into the Radnor police for having and/or smoking pot. As it is an ILLEGAL drug, why are students only “written-up” for it, and not turned into the police for an arrest? I know that their “stash” is confiscated, but what happens to it after that? What does Public Safety do with it after it is taken from an offending student? Do they turn it in to the police?

If so, don’t the police ask where it came from? My point in all this is, I think that if Cabrini was tougher on pot, there would be a lot less of it on campus.

The pot-smokers should pay for their illegal actions and have to answer to the local police department, instead of a piece of paper saying they owe the school a few extra bucks for being caught.

Maybe being bailed out by their parents from jail will make these law-breakers think twice before lighting up that next joint.

Sarah Johnson

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