Questioning ‘Loquitur’ bias

By Staff Writer
December 10, 2004

In the first editorial of the school year, Sept. 9, Shawn Rice wrote: “The new staff of ‘The Loquitur’ will run a newspaper whose goal is to report the truth, whether favorable or not, to the Cabrini community.”

Well, I do believe you, and I mean that. I believe “The Loquitur” has improved greatly over the four years I have attended Cabrini. It is due to the dedication the writers and editors put into the paper, staying up until all hours of the morning, just so we can read things to criticize. However, with regards to bias: we all know media isn’t bias for the things they publish, only bias for the things they don’t.

Week after week, I flip through “The Loquitur” to find countless articles about John Kerry, and his ability to lead this country, without ever holding a seat in the Oval Office. Article after article rolled in, praising his numerous advantages over George W. Bush.

Well, that’s great I think, considering most articles gave facts as well as reasons why you think so, which I respect greatly. However, I am truly puzzled; maybe you can help me out.

“Especially, in a year that will see a presidential election, it is the role of the news media to represent the truth not party affiliation,” Rice said, in the first editorial of the year. Well, aren’t you news media too? Come on, say yes.

I could only bite my lip and smirk when I opened “The Loquitur” the following week after the election, reading zero articles about its outcome. Yes, zero articles. Oh yea, there was one paragraph in your ‘News Briefs’ section about Bush, but one paragraph in the paper is far less than any vote-preaching paper should have in there (in my opinion). Surely my opinion means something, whether we agree or not. I have learned to express my views in the most respectful way possible.

But, let’s just say I’m wrong. I am out of line for being concerned about such a lopsided, selective view. You guys and gals preached how important voting was to democracy, and I am preaching the importance of fairness and responsibility. I must be ridiculous and just a close minded conservative, for ever thinking you should have ran at least one real article about the biggest news of 2004.

You did however find room in the paper, an entire page, for informing the campus on the impact and fine art of video games. Good thinking. America starts with you.

Take care Loquitur,

Will Harmon

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Staff Writer

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