Public Safety Report

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October 4, 2001

On August 30, an RD doing rounds found a curious work of art in the lounge of the new dorm. An easel held a drawing of a person with a can of gasoline. On the can, the word “Brini” was on the can.

On August 30, two students were written up for possessing alcohol in the new dorm. The dorm was dry. The alcohol was confiscated.

On August 31, repeated threats were written on the dry erase board of a female student in House 2. Obscene language was used.

On September 1, prank phone calls were make all around campus. Callers were posing as parents searching for their homesick students.

On September 2, students in Xavier Hall, a dry dorm, were charged with underage drinking. The alcohol was confiscated.

On September 2, two female students were cited for drinking underage in the New Dorm. The residence hall is dry


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