Public safety alerts campus

By Beth Ann Conahan
November 29, 2001

Credit cards have been stolen at several area colleges and public safety wants Cabrini students to be on alert.

Charles Schaffner, director of public safety, met with the directors of public safety from a half dozen area colleges at Villanova last week. The meeting alerted Schaffner about a group of people that have been stealing credit cards from students at colleges in the area.

Once they have the credit cards in their possession, they max out the credit cards and have the power then to use that credit card to get more credit cards in the person’s name.

Alleged members of the group have been arrested but public safety still wants students to be cautious.

Schaffner confirmed that Villanova and Bryn Mawr were both hit by the group and other colleges in the area should be on guard. Schaffner warns students to be careful with purses and wallets. He especially wants students to be careful with their driver’s licenses and social security cards.

Last year, a similar problem occurred on campus. Someone came to campus and collected personal information from students. The person or people who collected information from students at Cabrini also collected information from other area colleges. Schaffner said there were four incidents last year. Public safety turned the information they collected over to the police.

Public safety asks students to be careful, especially during the holiday season. Shaffner asks that students not carry large amounts of cash or flash money around, to be careful with their credit cards and personal information, not leave purses unattended and to always lock their doors.

“We’re aware of this,” Schaffner said. “And we’re keeping our eye out for these people.”

Schaffner also asks that if students are victim to any kind of crime that they contact public safety immediately.

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Beth Ann Conahan

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