Public Safety advises to lock dorm doors

By Melani Gomes
September 25, 2003

Marisa Gallelli

The presence of fear has been thick throughout campus following recent crimes.

Most overlooked the brown and yellow building as it stands facing Cabrini proudly, knowing its purpose is to serve the campus with protection and pride.

Inside the Public Safety office, the officers sit, ready to tackle the many problems the campus faces on a daily basis.

One of those people is Charlie Schaffner, the director of Public Safety at Cabrini College.

When asked about what students should do to protect themselves from crime, Schaffner said, “The first and most important thing is to close and lock your doors.” By not doing so, “You are just asking for trouble. Protect your own property.”

In dorm rooms recently, several crimes have been committed including stolen fire extinguishers and missing property from rooms. Schaffner advises to “Lock your doors always. In two separate occasions, even when students left to take a shower, crimes have happened.”

In addition to the rest of the public safety officers, Shaffner wants to let students know that “Your safety is our main concern. Don’t prop doors, and be cautious.”

Being attacked on campus is now a major concern. With the recent hit- and-run and mugging that Cabrini students have dealt with, Schaffner said, “Had there been two people walking instead of just one, it would have been much safer. Use the buddy system when walking at night off or on campus.” As for walking alone on campus, “if you feel nervous walking on campus, park at the Dixon Center and push the button for Public Safety. Our officers will come and get you.”

Public Safety does not only work for present issues on campus, but also for future issues.

“We are in the process of putting four new blue phones on residential drives, and new lighting to give light. The first two will be on the Widener lot,” Schaffner said.

When asked what is of the most concern on campus, Schaffner said, “we are concerned with the campus as a whole. Don’t do anything that will leave someone or something vulnerable. Call us if you have a concern. Take some interest in your safety.”

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Melani Gomes

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