Public affection not as offensive while in love

By Gina Peracchia
March 20, 2003

Alaina Robinson

Hey to all you single people out there! Don’t you hate it when you see public displays of affection as you’re walking through Founder’s Hall or while sitting in the Wigwam with your soda and chicken finger wrap? Come on; admit it. All you want to do is go over to the couple and say, “Get a room!” I used to feel that way, too.

PDAs, as many people like to call them, can be very annoying and somewhat frustrating for people who don’t have someone to cuddle up with at the moment. I know through my own experience I always gave these lucky couples “dagger eyes” and wished evil upon them.

The worst PDA I have ever seen would have to be a couple making out in one of Wal-Mart’s express checkout lanes. Now that’s just plain ridiculous. If you’re really that interested in showing off how in-love you both are then go through one of the regular checkout lanes. You will annoy more people at a slower rate.

Recently, my view on PDAs has somewhat changed because I have turned into one half of those bothersome couples. But I’m definitely not that bad! Now mind you I would never publicly display my tonsil hockey skills in one of Wal-Mart’s checkout lanes. I’m much classier than that; I would do it in Target.

Anyway, you do not really think about the people around you or being self-conscious because it’s as if they are not even there. No offense. But people should still try and control themselves or go to their car! Maybe the car will be more interesting for you. You’ll never know unless you try.

Just because I’m in a relationship does not mean I’m a fan of PDAs. I’ll admit I’ve done it before, but I know I’ll never be the type of person who does it for attention. That tells me those people have their own self-esteem issues and they want to show people that they’re capable of having a “lovey dovey” relationship just like everyone else. Spare me. I have no interest in seeing your groping skills, and I highly doubt anyone else does, too.

Before you decide to get semi-freaky in public, think about the people around you who would rather be sent to death row than watch you have your fun! Oh, and find a closet.

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Gina Peracchia

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