Pro wrestling takes Cabrini to the extreme

By Matt Donato
April 27, 2006

Ever hear of the brainbuster, or how about the cobra clutch, or even the reverse Russian leg sweep? Last Friday night, the Dixon Center was filled with just that as the wrestlers from Pro Wrestling Unplugged came to do some damage. The event, sponsored by WYBF The Burn, the campus’ radio station, brought 20 wrestlers to the stage led by champ Trent Acid.

Surrounded by cheesy names and tight underwear, the Dixon Center was home to one night of wrestling glory. Performers such as Balls Mahoney, Johnny Cashmere, Homicide and Cabrini’s own Pete Hunter came on April 21 to bring the pain.

And that they did.

The original expectation of having 750 tickets sold was a little overestimated as only 200 fans were seated, but nobody informed the wrestlers. The quantity couldn’t have mattered less to them. The intense fighting made it seem like spectators were catching an episode of Monday Night Raw.

“I was disappointed by the turn out. However, the people who were there had nothing but positive things to say after the event. It seems like a lot of people who missed out regretted not going,” Dan Cowhey, senior secondary education and history major said.

Wrestlers were thrown into chairs, up and down bleachers, through tables and into poles. Others were whipped, flattened and beaten with chains. The blood and sweat was flying; spectators soaked up every minute of it.

With the ring placed in the middle of the gymnasium, no fan had a bad seat. Whether or not people were sitting in the floor seats or on the bleachers, everyone got to see some great athletes do some ridiculous maneuvers.

The crowd ranged from Cabrini students to the outside wrestling world. Since the show was publicized outside of campus, there were fans from all over coming to see the live show.

The main matches were The Complete Pete Hunter vs. Nick Berk and Balls Mahoney vs. Trent Acid.

Hunter vs. Berk came first. Berk was the first one out of the gate, throwing slur after slur out against the Cabrini crowd. With the crowd booing Berk’s disrespect, The Complete Pete Hunter came out fighting. He took Berk by the neck and bitch-smacked him until he apologized for his lack of respect. His apologies were faint through the sounds of the ref’s fists announcing Pete’s victory.

Believe it or not, Pete the Complete was at first hesitant to wrestle back at Cabrini.

“I thought the crowd would be reluctant since I graduated two years ago, but they were incredible, really. Thanks to all the fans for all of their support,” Pete remarked when the show was over.

The last fight of the night was between Balls Mahoney and Trent Acid. The match began with the crowd screaming “Balls!” and Trent Acid roaming the ring with the understanding that he could lose his title that night.

Although the beginning of the fight didn’t have much going on, the two really got into it towards the end. Their fight soon began to leave the ring. Acid ran frightened onto the bleachers as Mahoney moved him up the steps with his boot. Off the bleachers, the two threw each other into the concession stand, through the floor seating and through tables back in the ring.

Luckily for Acid, he reversed a suplex and put Mahoney through the second table, which led to his win.

With the show being such a big hit, WYBF is hoping that this will become a reoccurring event.

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Matt Donato

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