Prothero faces first loss of PAC season

By Staff Writer
September 19, 2002

Although the Cabrini women’s soccer team lost their first game of the season on Sept. 11, 0-1, they sure made their opponents from Kean University worked for their victory.

Coach Ken Prothero led the women in a moment of silence in observance of the 9/11 tragedy before the game. It was believed that the Cabrini team would have the advantage of defeating Kean because they were a bigger squad but it was not to be. Kean University scored their first and only goal early into the first half of the game. It was plain to see that Cabrini was fighting hard to score throughout the game. The Kean goalie was seen making hurtling jumps to save the ball from coming into the goal box with the teamwork and efforts of all the Cabrini women to make a goal.

Kristin Luft and Mary Remoli displayed wonderful cooperation in trying to attain the vengeful goal after Kean had scored. Cabrini goalie Mary Mower spent a lonely first half with all the action occurring on the opposite side of the field. Remoli tried several times to get a goal but the Kean goalie and her teammates made it practically impossible. Tricia Bradley darted around the field controlling the ball with ease but was thwarted her chances of several goals by pushes and steals by the Kean players.

In the start of the second half, captain Kelli Romano revived the game with much needed vigor. Coach Prothera’s cool and collected attitude was evident compared to the tyrannical and angry outbursts of commands by the Kean University coach.

Nicole Neidermeier played a great defense with her numerous headers and helping Mower out with those saves. Mower had a multitude of saves in the second half. At this point, the wind was changing the course of the ball, so it was frustrating for the women to keep hearing the whistle blow and waiting for the referee to call ownership of the ball.

The Kean women began to play ugly, pushing and making beds out of the grass for the Cabrini team. Remoli made a hilarious play to which the spectators cheered. Whether it had been intentional or not, Remoli pushed a girl who had caused many unnecessary trips and bumps. The exertion that Co-Captain Heather St. Amour placed into the game was admirable and her teamwork with Romano and Neidermeier is congratulatory.

When asked about his reactions after the game, Coach Prothero said, “I thought we played a phenomenal game. We played an intense game throughout but it was too bad that we lost the final 10 seconds.” This year has a large addition of freshmen playing in the roster and it was a question as to how they were expected to play. “The freshmen are getting better all the time,” Prothero said. “Each game we’re getting more experience.”

Romano commented on how she played and said, “We had a slow start but we played our best. Our team was hurt that we lost.”Ann Mower, the mother of Mary Mower, was one of the most vocal spectators. She was pepping the girls with, “Come on, Cabrini!” She was evidently very proud of the performance of the team even though as she regrettably pointed out, “We were hoping for a win.”

Freshman Neidermeier was “sad that we lost but Kean had an unlucky chance to get ahead.” When asked about the pressure of the first game and her status as freshman, she said that she felt a “little bit of pressure.” The unswerving collaboration of Neidermeier with St. Amour was due to St. Amour’s minor ankle injury from earlier in the week. “I was switching up with Heather,” Neidermeir said, “because she was playing with a hurt ankle.”

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Staff Writer

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